The Best Tools for your Garage

Every garage should contain the right set of tools. Whether a garage is used for personal or professional purposes, the correct tools can make its owner’s life much easier. But what tools are best for serious garage-users?

A Bench Vice

Everyone who has ever used a garage as a place to make mechanical repairs has wished (at least once) that they possessed an extra set of hands. Sadly, medical science has yet to give human beings additional fully-functional limbs. Luckily, a bench vice makes a more-than-adequate substitute for a secondary pair of hands: it allows garage-users to apply pressure, hold items in place while they work on them or simply keep objects in position until their superglue or soldering sets. A bench vice is essential for repairing some car parts and for making or mending other mechanical components.

A Stringo

It’s often necessary for garage-owners to move cars with precision and speed. However, nobody enjoys having to start their car and get behind the wheel just to adjust the vehicle’s position by a few feet. The Stringo is a wonderfully simple and easy-to-use machine for manoeuvring cars. What’s more, it works beautifully even in small spaces, making it ideal for individuals with compact garages.

A Car Jack

Garage-owners have to get under their vehicles to make repairs almost as often as they have to move those vehicles. As such, a car jack is an absolutely essential tool for all garage-owners. It allows the owner to raise their vehicles high enough to make repairs without unnecessary risk.Car Jack

A Torque Wrench

It’s no longer sufficient for car-owners to simply tighten every bolt in their automobiles as much as possible. Nowadays, it is essential for car-owners to be able to tighten and loosen bolts precisely. Consequently, every garage should contain a high-quality torque wrench. Torque wrenches allow garage-users to make vital adjustments far more exactly than other types of wrench and spanner, which makes them must-have car-maintenance accoutrements. It’s worth noting, of course, that these remarkable tools are useful for maintaining all sorts of machinery: cars are just the ‘tip of iceberg’!

Basic Tools

It’s easy to focus on specialist equipment and high-end mechanical accessories. However, garage-owners should also ensure that they have a good set of simple, standard tools, such as screwdrivers, hammers and drills. These tools are versatile and are often essential for making small, subtle repairs. Every garage should contain a set of ordinary, everyday tools for performing ordinary, everyday tasks. However, garage owners should remember not to settle for tools of merely-ordinary quality: it’s always worth investing in the best!Vehicle enthusiasts, hobbyist mechanics, automotive professionals and mechanical workers all need well-stocked garages. Having a wide range of highly-precise and highly-versatile tools is vital for carrying out any kind of important ‘garage work’. All garage-owners should start with a decent set of standard tools, a torque wrench, a car jack, a bench vice and a Stringo as these tool allow users to undertake almost any essential mechanical operation in their garage. Of course, there’s always room for more tools in a garage after these have been installed!