Top Tips for Buying Car Parts Online

Car PartsWhether you are hoping to increase the horsepower of a muscle car or you simply desire to find a replacement headlamp for a family vehicle, purchasing car parts online offers a number of significant advantages. Not only is this process much more convenient when compared to heading to a retail outlet, but the chances are high that you will save a substantial amount of money. What are some of the best practices to keep in mind when searching for a specific part?

Initial Research

Even experts can sometimes be fooled by what an online source claims to offer. So, be certain to discover the EXACT make and model of the part required in relation to your vehicle. Portals such as will not only show you the exact component desired, but they will display the availability within your immediate area.


We are all aware that price is the “bottom line” in terms of any purchase over the Internet. However, a word of caution should be mentioned here. Prices that are too high are suspect while it is just a prudent to avoid a seller who appears to be offering an “unbelievable” deal on a certain part. Try to obtain the average price by comparing between four and six different sources.

Trusted Sources

Online auction sites are some of the most common portals to encounter car parts. This is particularly the case if the part is only found overseas (such as within the American marketplace). As with any shopping experience, some sites are better than others. It is highly recommended only to choose a platform that rates its sellers. Some common sites include Amazon and eBay. Others such as Craigslist may not be as transparent. Although this is not to say that some tremendous deals cannot be found, it is always best to stick with a seller that has received positive reviews over time.

Rare Parts

There are times when you may require a part that is considered to be extremely rare and expensive. In this scenario, it is best to find a local online dealer and attempt to meet with him or her in person. This will add an extra level of trust while avoiding the dreaded sense of anonymity. If this is not possible, try to encounter suppliers that are recommended by the manufacturer. A simply enquiry can normally uncover some valuable options.


It is obvious that a vehicle warranty is important to avoid costly repairs. The same holds true in terms of online car parts. What type of guarantee is included with the purchase and how long is it valid for? Keep in mind that new parts should ALWAYS come with a guarantee that is included within the total price. If there is not one present or should the terms be confusing, it may be a good idea to look elsewhere.The online community is an excellent resource when locating hard-to-find car parts. Still, always recognise that not all suppliers are created equally and that the proper research should be performed before committing to any purchase.